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Did You Know?

Here at City Motor Company, we want our clients to be well informed. So we have decided to start a series of articles entitled, “Did You Know?” to help you in making educated decisions about your vehicle.

One Of The Most Misunderstood Items in A Vehicle is Also One of The Simplest: The Battery.

The battery’s most basic job is to provide the electricity to start your vehicle. It is also a reserve of current for your vehicle when you are driving. Another job the battery serves is as a filter for your car’s electrical system.

Facts about Automotive Batteries

  1. Replace your car battery every four to five years. Waiting until the battery goes dead is a bad idea. Who wants to deal with a vehicle that won’t start and gamble with the potential damage it can cause?
  2. If your car battery is allowed to go dead, just one time, you may have lost half of its usable life. In extreme conditions, it may never completely recover.
  3. A fully charged battery voltage is around 12.6 volts at rest. Did you know that a battery voltage of 12.3 volts may mean that your battery is 50% dead?
  4. A battery that starts losing its ability to hold a good charge will tax the electronics in your vehicle much harder. A small drop in voltage can require as much as twice the current to get the same results. This means your electronics work much harder, and your alternator wears out much faster.
  5. If you like to outfit your vehicle with powered accessories like upgraded audio equipment, lights, winches, and etc., a poorly performing battery will dramatically affect the performance of these products.
  6. Consider getting your battery tested with a high-performance battery tester. Here at City Motor Company we have state of the art testers that will let you know the true condition of your battery.
  7. Anytime City Motor Company service technicians work on your vehicle, they make sure to maintain the battery voltage with a battery maintainer.

  • Stay on the lookout for future installments of our “Did You Know” articles; we have some exiting and informative information to share. If you have questions about your vehicle’s battery, or need a battery replacement, stop by and visit us, call us, or email us with the form below. We sell and install the highest manufactured quality, best performing batteries available and will be glad to analyze your battery and make suggestions if a replacement is needed.

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